Time Wasters - What are your employees doing with Social Media ?

Time Wasters – what are your employees doing with Social Media ?

Social media is becoming indispensable to a successful business – 84% of business to- business marketing professionals use social media and 42% of marketers view Facebook as critically important to their business.

Yet with this in mind too many staff squander their working hours on social media

Social media is hugely powerful – for businesses as well as private individuals.

But have you considered the big downside of staff using social media for private posts in work time?

“Companies can address the problem by writing a carefully considered IT and social media policy which can be circulated to all staff,” advises Clive Turner, owner of Key Insurance Group, of Longridge.

His researches show:

  • An estimated 60% of people aged over 15 own smart phones, often used to access private social media networks during working hours.
  • Email, social networking and text messaging are thought to account for 57% of interruptions in the workplace.
  • 10% of employees spend longer on the internet each week than they do working.

Clive said such abuses can badly damage productivity and are thought to cost UK businesses a staggering £14 billion a year.

He said a company’s IT and social media policy should clearly set out guidelines for social media usage during working hours.

This should achieve a balance between embracing social media and avoiding the pitfalls.

Another area of concern is staff posting unwise and potentially libellous comments on social media.

Management could be held responsible for failing to supervise and implement correct procedures, and find themselves being sued.

Clive said a shield against potential lawsuits could be provided by having the right insurance in place and you can read more about that in Clive’s recent article here

Update from the Key Insurance Group: Commercial insurance

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