How we process your quote

When we prepare insurance quotes for you we compare policies from leading insurers for all business and personal insurance. We belive that this approach saves your valuable time and money on your insurances purchases – but we provide more than just those savings, as we advise on the suitability of each product and explain how the cover applies to your circumstances.

Sometimes this is a balancing act because we appreciate that everyone’s perception of insurance and risk is different. Because of this we will tailor your insurances to suit your business.

We will never compromise on cover or the quality of the insure that we recommend but where the cost can be considerably reduced by including certain restrictions we will help you understand the implications so you can make an informed decision.

We will always make a recommendation based on the information provided and our quotation will be for the cover we believe that you need.

We will also help you compare our quotation against any other polices or quotations that you have so that you can identify any gaps in cover and decide what is best for you.

We also choose our insurance providers carefully and you can be confident that we would not offer you a policy that we would not be prepared to purchase ourselves.

At Key Insurance Group Ltd we pride ourselves on the advice given in connection with the insurance policies that we administer.
For most insurances we will provide you with a quotation based upon a fair analysis of the whole insurance market place.
This will be done after we have assessed your demands and needs and when preparing your quotation we will take into account things that you know you want to be cover as well as things that we know, from our vast experience, that you need to have included in your policy.
As an independent professional Insurance Broker will will always maintain enough relationships with insurance providers so that we will always maintain our independence from them as well as keep up to date with trends and changes in the market place.
Occasionally we will only prepare your quotation form a pre-selected panel of insurance providers. Generally these are specialist in certain types of insurance and provide niche cover that are not generally available in the market place. If we choose this route we will tell you and also provide you, upon request, of a list of the insurers we have approached.
In very rare circumstances we will provide a quotation from one insurance provider only – and if we do this we will tell you. This would only be in circumstances where we believe that the cover provided is completely bespoke or where we have negotiated a unique service for our clients.
If you would like to register your interest in talking to us please complete the contact form here and we will get back to you. Registering your interest does not commit you to using our services in any way.



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