Truck Insurance

Motor Insurance in the UK is compulsory – but you know that and that’s why you’re here.

There are currently over 20 factors that help determine the premium that you pay for your Commercial Vehicle Insurance and yes, you’ve guessed it, mostly we use a computer to work it all out.

Many people want to compare prices to get the best deal that they can for their Commercial Vehicle insurance but our clients tell us that the whole thing is a bit of a minefield – comparison websites, direct insurers, specialist schemes – but which one to use.

What about the excess, usage, policy cover, reputation and a good claims service? 

We have both the panel of insurers and products to deal with all this and more.

Van & Truck Using the SSP quotation engine we review 26 quotations for every single policy both at inception and automatically at every [renewal].

We believe this gives you more choice than anywhere else and it also ensures that over time you always have the right cover at the right price.  


Commercial Private Car

When you have to use your vehicle for business the ‘class of use’ that you choose for your car is most important. Get this wrong and your insurer wont pay you claim.

Sometimes a Private Car policy is adequate but we have special arrangement in place for when it isn’t.

You may also wish to review our Business Motor Insurance section.


Classic and Collectors Vehicle 

Some people collect and show Vans, Tractors and Commercial Vehicles and low annual mileage and the need for an agreed value you have many options.

Our on-line facility with our professional partner Graham Sykes is available here. Feel free to use this but if you don’t get the answer that you want we have other facilities available for modified vehicles so call us or use the feedback form.

We can access the data that you have added to the web site and so we will only need to collect limited information from you.


Temporary Vehicle Cover 

There are times when you need to insure a vehicle that you are responsible for sometimes for just a few days.

You might have borrowed a van to move house, have your car in for a service or just borrowed a friend’s car. In any case arranging that short period cover can be difficult.

To provide a simple on-line solution for these circumstances we have entered into a professional partnership with Tempcover who provide a range of temporary vehicle insurances from 1 to 28 days.

Their policy is underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance and available here.


Multiple and Mixed Vehicles 

Family fleets, from 2 or more vehicles, including those with high value vehicles or supercars require a special treatment.

Tradesman who own at least one Van and at least one Car can benefit from a simple Business Motor policy which although priced in a traditional ‘book and bonus’ way benefits from generous additional discounts.

Please contact us or use the feedback form.

If you need a business use please review our Business Motor Insurance section.


Breakdown Insurance for all vehicles up to 3.5 Tonnes 

We have a unique policy for Breakdown Insurance, called 336699. This is provided by the RAC, the largest breakdown organisation in the UK who fix 82% of their call out at the roadside.

It differs from RAC Membership in that we cover the vehicle and anyone who drives it. This means that we can manage the cost more effectively.

Its called ‘336699’ because that is what you pay

Pay £33.00 and Get; Roadside Assistance and Local Recovery
Pay £66.00 and Get; Roadside Assistance and Nationwide Recovery
Pay £99.00 and Get; Roadside Assistance, Nationwide Recovery, Onward Transpiration and Full European cover.

Call us or use the feedback form – during office hours we will have you on the RAC database and able to claim within 5 minutes.


Complete Accident Management from Westinsure Assist 

We offer full 24/7 accident management on all our motor insurance policies at a low cost of £15.00 per vehicle. This also includes Motor Legal Expenses Insurance.

We strongly recommend that our clients use this facility rather than the insurers own help line.

Mainly this is because we constantly monitor the performance of this system and have full access to case handlers enabling us to eliminate potential issues that could affect the efficient processing of any claim.

Clients also benefit from the Manchester based call centre where all call are answered within agreed timescales by friendly, fully trained staff.

All claims, even vandal damage or windscreen replacement can be dealt with in the same place.


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