State of the Art IT systems form the backbone of our company. All of the data that we need to handle you your business in a speedy and efficient manner is web based and thanks to our SSP Sirius 21 platform this information is held securely and remotely allowing us access from anywhere in the world.

With automated back-up systems, rating updates and planned disaster recovery we are confident that even in the most difficult of circumstances we will be able to service your needs.

We advise on the Westinsure IT Smartgroup and work with both SSP and iMarket/Polaris to help further the use of IT systems in the word of Business and Commercial Insurance.

SSP Stargate allows us to ‘autorate’ many Package Insurance policies for over 650 recognised trades. With this panel of insurers providing full documentation at the time of policy issue not only can we provide and compare a range of competitive quotations but we can also ensure that you have all the relevant terms and conditions relating to the policy at its start.

We have been using electronic policies for Motor, Commercial Vehicle and Home Insurance singe 1994 and now some 95% of all of these policies are done in that way. This method provided our insurer partner with administrational cost savings which we fully pass onto our clients in a reduced premium.

In addition to savings there are other benefits here too. The main ones are Efficiency – the speed and ease of processing, and Policy Review. With our programme of Policy Review not only do we check that policy meets your demands and underlying needs but we also compare your policy against others available in the market.

Most web based price comparison sites compare about 50 motor insurance polices whereas we routinely look at 152 schemes on your behalf.


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