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Residential Property Owners Insurance is a package of insurance covers designed to meet the needs of most Residential property owners. Multiple premises can be placed under one simple Portfolio policy although we usually keep Commercial and Residential portfolios under separate cover.

Because of the reduced risk of a liability claim these policies tend to have a more simple rating structure that is based around the property values at risk and so they are simple to rate and available at competitive prices.

Under this type of policy we tend to promote cover on an ‘Accidental Damage’ basis but some insurers still only offer ‘Standard Cover’ with any ‘Accidental Damage’ cover being an optional extra. When asking for a quotation it would be helpful to know which basis of claims settlement you would prefer.

Under a standard form of Property Owners policy you would normally expect to see cover for:-
• Buildings including Accidental Damage
• Business Interruption – Loss of Rental Income
• Alternative Accommodation costs
• Damage to internal and external fixed Glass
• Damage to Sanitary Ware
• Theft of Keys and Locks Replacement 
• Unauthorised Use of Electricity & Gas
• Trace & Access
• Loss of Landlords Money on premises
• Property Owners Liability
• 24 hour Legal Helpline
• Index Linking

With potential Optional extensions for:-
• Landlords Contents including communal area
• Accidental Damage on Landlords Contents
• Subsidence
• Increased limit of indemnity on Property Owners Liability 
• Employers' Liability - £10,000,000 limit of indemnity
• Terrorism


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