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Are Key beyond comparison?

Our direct car insurance is not available on price comparison websites; find out more below about why we choose to do business direct.

Our Key Offer
It’s something of a myth that price comparison websites can instantly find you all the best deals available. Some big insurance brands don’t appear on these websites and nor do we. This helps us keep our costs down and ensures you get our best deal if you visit our own website. For those of you with more than one car, we’ve introduced a new MultiCar product which you won’t find on price comparison websites and can save you money in the log run. All such quotations are individually tailored to your personal circumstances and so we prefer to personally discuss you requirements with you.

Building a personal relationship by dealing direct
We know price is important, but there is always a balance between cost and cover. We believe that dealing with you direct allows us to offer car insurance more tailored to your individual needs. Our products are designed with you in mind and based on our aim to make your life easier and ensure you have piece of mind. We’re also able to give you our advice and expertise directly if you call us or if you come to us online. When it comes to claims, we’re committed to providing 24 hour access to claims advisors, to reassure you we’re here when you might need us most.

Added benefits of being our customer
Our relationship with you is really important to us and this is reflected in how we reward your loyalty. Policy renewals are treated just as importantly as new quotations and many of our clients benefit from using us for a range of different insurance policies. Our extensive network of business partners gives you preferential access to a range of businesses and professional advisors.

We often find our customers consider us for their other insurance needs and recommend us to family and friends. If you know someone who would like to become a customer, so ensure your family and friends get your deal too, please contact us.

For comprehensively tailored insurance products backed by a fully-integrated service… there’s really no need to compare us.

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