Pet Insurance

With Vets bills on the increase and many treatments now available that at one time were only available for humans the cost to you of looking after that animal friend has never been so high

In the past you may have decided to put the money that you would have spent on Pet Insurance into a savings account and used that to pay for the unforeseen vest bill when they occurred.

Today with low interest rates it is perhaps not as attractive and if you are the type of person who would do anything to save your pet, including spending large sums of money on medical care then Pet Insurance may be worth consideration.

In recent years the state of veterinary science as well as the cost of running a practice has changes dramatically. Treatments are now available that wee unheard of a few years ago like, radiation therapy, MRI screening and kidney transplants.

Obviously these treatments are expensive.

Several insurers and specialist agents provide Pet Insurance cover and we have carefully selected E&LŪ who are wholesalers of specialist niche insurance products to provide instant Quote and Buy facilities on our web site.

The links below takes you to our quotation facility managed by E&LŪ. You can purchase and administer you insurance online 24/7.

We would like to make you aware that such a purchase is classed by the Financial Services Authority as a non-advised sale and you should only proceed to purchase cover on that basis.



Pet Insurance Selection


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