Multi-Vehicle Insurance

Maximise your discounts by insuring you Cars and Vans on one policy. Start with one vehicle and build your policy over a year, tailoring the cover as you go. Have a mixture of drivers, cover and us.  Family fleets with 2 or more vehicles, including those with high value vehicles or supercars require a special treatment and we have a number of specialist facilities to deal with most situations.

Many households and small businesses operate more than one vehicle and when it comes to insuring them they tend to insure the vehicle from the day they get it – and leave it at that year after year.

Although this spreads the cost of the insurance over the year it is not usually making the best of the discounts available for combining the vehicles onto one policy.

In addition when you acquire another car or van where do you get the No Claims Bonus from to discount the new vehicle?

We have a number of facilities that allow for No Claims Bonus to be ‘mirrored’ on more than one vehicle so you can continue to enjoy the claim free record that you have earned.

With Multi-Car, Multi-Van and Mixed Vehicle policies you can benefit from a mix of covers and usage throughout the schedule of vehicles and as these policies are individually underwritten things like unusual occupations and use by young or inexperienced drivers can be realistically accommodated.

Family Fleets are an ideal way to cover your main car, that of your partner and those used by children - even when they are the main user of the car.

Getting these policies tailored to your individual circumstances requires care and because of that we can’t provide any online quotations but if you will contact us with the feedback form we will contact you to provide a quotation after we have assessed your demands and needs.

Don’t worry if your vehicle insurances are due at different times of the year because we will provide a quotation for all of your vehicles which is fixed for 12 months. We will add your vehicles as they fall due for [renewal] at the agreed price and only charge you pro-rata from the date added to your [renewal] date. After the first year all your vehicles will be renewable on the same day. This approach saves you money as you will never have to cancel any existing policies to take advantage of our cover.

While you are here please review the information on Car Insurance and Business Motor Insurance as well as some of the ancillary covers like Breakdown Insurance and our Accident Management programme.

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