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Risk Help allows you to review your legal and insurance responsibilities, along with common business hazards, and within a time frame of about 45 minutes you will have a base line assessment for you business.


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It is increasing more difficult for business owners to find out about and keep up to date with changes in the business environment. Though it’s important to work in your business it’s also important that you work on your business – some would even say that working on your business is more important making your product or advising your client.

Part of the process of working on your business is gaining a better understanding of both your legal responsibilities and those relating to your insurance cover.


Many of our clients prefer to work on these aspects in their own time and at a pace that suits them. So that we can help with that we have purchased a licence with Badfire’s Risk Help which we give to all of our clients completely free of charge.

Risk Help is just one of the may reasosn why you should choose us to advise you.


The base line assessment will give you a simple percentage score as to how robust your existing position is, with 1% being poor and 100% being almost perfect.

As well as the percentage score you ‘Dashboard’ will:-

  • Advise you of outstanding actions to remedy
  • Build documents in your risk library 
  • Dynamically build Legal Snap-shots
  • Provide No and Low Cost actions to remedy
  • Develop and action plan
  • Link to relevant Health and Safety Executive documents


None of the information that you enter into Risk Help is shared with us or your insurer but we always encourage our clients to share the outcomes of their assessment as we can usually provide expert assistance toward tacking issues that are outside the scope of our client’s expertise.



The Risk Help Dashboard is a licensed application from BADFIRE Digital Limited. It is designed to assist UK business owners gain a better understanding of both their legal and insurance cover responsibilities. Use of the application is optional and strictly subject to acceptance of the full terms and conditions.
IMPORTANT: The material and content provided is not offered as legal or any other advice on any particular matter.
BADFIRE Digital Limited shall not be liable for any business losses such as lost sales, failure to comply with legislation or employer obligations, lost opportunities, lost data, lost profits, indirect and/or consequential loss or business interruption arising from use of the application or from any action taken (or refrained from being taken) as a result of using information supplied. You should seek legal or other professional advice on your individual circumstances and particular facts or issues.


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