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In today’s very litigious society Home Insurance is a must have policy. You may already have Buildings Insurance to cover the structure of your home, perhaps via your lender, but the Liability cover provided by this type of policy only cover liabilities in connection with the ownership of the buildings and not their occupancy.

Strangely quite a lot of people choose not to insure their Home Contents or take out a policy where the Liability cover ends once you walk out onto the street which when you imagine all of the thing that you and your family do away from the home, like playing golf, fell walking or simply going to the pictures, could leave you potentially exposed to a claim.

All of our Home Contents policies include full Liability cover for you and your family, including sports – but only the ones that you tell us about.

There are many factors that help determine the premium that you pay for your Home Insurance and when dealing with special valuables, you’ve guessed it, mostly we use a computer to work it all out.

Many people want to compare prices to get the best deal that they can for their Home Insurance but our clients tell us that the whole thing is a bit of a minefield – comparison websites, direct insurers, specialist schemes – but which one to use.

What about the excess, unoccupancy, policy cover, reputation and a good claims service? 

We have both the panel of insurers and products to deal with all this and more.


Home Buildings & Contents 

Home Buildings & Contents Insurance are usually best placed under the same policy with the same insurer. This means that there can be no gaps in cover and usually on one policy excess will apply if you are unfortunate enough to have a claim.

Using the SSP quotation engine we review 87 quotations for every single policy both at inception and automatically at every [renewal].

We believe this gives you more choice than anywhere else and it also ensures that over time you always have the right cover at the right price. 
Working from Home When you use your home for business purposes or when self employed and just use it for your administration a standard Home Insurance policy is not adequate for your needs. This is because anything used in connection with a business is specifically excluded.

Sometimes you can extend the Home cover to include some business items but it is not wise to rely upon this along to cover your business. Most Home insurers do not like your suppliers or customers visiting your home or you working away from home.

Sometimes you can address this with a Home Workers policy, yet some of these are better than others. You are better not to consider a modified home insurance policy – as the Liability wordings are weak – look for a proper commercial insurance policy instead.

We provide a range of covers including a separate commercial working from home policy that juts covers the business element, leaving your existing home cover intact.

If you are a Tradesman you may also wish to review our Business Insurance section.


Mid and High Net Worth 

Once the new replacement value of your contents exceeds £75,000 then we believe that a different approach is required.

The policy inner limits that form an integral part of the standard form of policy start to become inadequate and we may need to provide a more comprehensive solution to covering things like fine art, collections, second homes, world wide cover, antiques and jewellery.

Due to the unique and personal nature of this cover every quotation is individually prepared by our qualified staff.

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Second Homes or Holiday Homes 

Properties in the UK or abroad can be dealt with on an individual basis or as part of a portfolio and we can consider own use only or holiday lettings.

For properties abroad the available cover is not always as wide as you can get in the UK as the local environment has an impact on what cover underwriters are prepared to grant.

Due to the unique and personal nature of this cover every quotation is individually prepared by our qualified staff.

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Residential Property Owners or Buy To Let  

There has been a large increase in the amount of property that is available for rent in the UK. Traditionally this type of property insurance has been profitable for insurers and as this remains the case this class of business remains very competitive.

We use 2 different quotation platforms for this business which enables us to provide a speedy and efficient service at a good price.

Many insurers do not include Subsidence Cover for this type of policy – but we include this automatically as well as accidental damage cover.

 Landlord contents can also be accommodated.

For portfolios of 5 or more properties or a mixture of Residential and Commercial properties group policies are available having one point of contact and one [renewal] date.

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Emergency Call Out & Breakdown Insurance  

SilverKnight - The Promise of Repair!

We offer a full 24/7 home emergency cover from General Legal Protection which is underwritten by Brit Insurance Ltd.

This policy, priced at £65.00 per annum, provides a quality Home Repair insurance policy covering all major domestic appliances under 8 years old.

Major benefits include up to 3 claims per year with a maximum of £200 per repair.

Systems covered include:-

     • Cooking system including any gas, electric or solid fuel appliance and microwave oven
     • Washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, fridge, freezer, TV, Hi-Fi, Video & DVD player

PLUS the added benefits of:

     • If the contents of the fridge and/or freezer become spoilt as a result of the breakdown, SilverKnight Repair will pay up to £50 in respect of the value
     • 24/7 Breakdown Helpline


Complete piece of mind from Westinsure Family Assist

Ever bought something that you weren’t happy with and didn’t know your rights?
Ever been on holiday and found it not like the brochure?
Ever been treated badly at work or had you terms of employment changed?
Not sure what you can do about your neighbour’s large tree?

Westinsure Family Assist deals with queries like this 24/7 on its confidential helpline, based in Manchester, and we encourage clients to use it.

But it’s more than an advice line providing £25,000 of legal expenses cover for:-

     • Personal Injury Claims
     • Consumer Cover
     • Domestic Cover
     • Employment Cover
     • Professional Negligence Claims
     • Inland Revenue Investigations
     • Attendance Expenses

And what is more free initial consultations and discounted legal services are available from Ingram’s Solicitors for work such as:-

     • Wills & Probate
     • E-Conveyancing
     • Medical Accidents
     • Workplace Accidents and Disease Claims
     • General Legal Advice


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