Goods in Transit Insurance

 At Key Insurance Group Ltd we will provide you with an instant quote over the phone and full point of sale documentation for your Goods in Transit business. With us you will get independent advice, great service and competitive rates.

 We will provide cover for a wide range of industries and purposes 

  • Cover provided for carriage of own goods
  • Tradesmen Goods and Tools in transit
  • Freight liability
  • Furniture Removers – domestic and commercial
  • Marine Cargo
  • Trailer Cover Extension
  • PDA’s in vehicles
  • European cover available for Haulage and Freight
  • Warehouse Keepers cover available (UKWA/RHA Conditions) 

In addition, we offer 

  • an economy product (excludes high theft risk goods)
  • Extension available to cover refrigerated goods and livestock 

But to make sure we get you just the right cover at the right price we find it best to discuss your demands ands needs over the phone.


KeyNote: Goods in transit insurance is valid 24 hours a day provided your vehicle is secured in a locked compound overnight.


Why is Goods In Transit essential? 

For businesses that transport goods, tools or materials on a daily basis such tools, materials and stock are the key assets of your  business and we appreciate just how serious it could be if they were to go missing or get damaged en route. This is why goods in transit insurance is so vital.


What Does Goods in Transit Insurance Do?

Goods in transit insurance can ensure that your goods are covered for any accidental damage or theft that could take place whilst in transit. 

With various levels of goods in transit insurance available, you can be sure that you are covered for any tools or materials that are stolen or damaged in transit during the day. 

With low policy excesses and healthy levels of cover available, a goods in transit insurance policy can provide complete peace of mind when your valuables are on the move.


Courier, Goods in Transit and Public Liability Insurance

We offer a wide range of insurance options. If you carry goods, tools and materials for others, ask us about our comprehensive courier insurance. Meanwhile, to protect yourself and your business ensure you have the right goods in transit and public liability insurance in place and if your not sure ask us for a gap analysis.


Frequently Asked Questions - Goods In Transit Insurance

We try to answer any questions you might have about the products and services we provide. If you find that your question is not answered below, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or by submitting an enquiry form on the Contact Us page.


Goods in Transit (GIT) - FAQs

Why do I need goods in transit courier insurance?Goods In Transit insurance is essential cover for businesses that transport goods, tools or materials as a part of its business. 

We realise how harmful it could be to your business if your goods were to go missing, or be damaged whilst in transit. With appropriate goods in transit insurance policy your tools can be covered for loss or damage as a result of accidental or theft.


How do I get a policy?

To arrange a goods in transit policy drop us an email and we will call you or call us. When we speak with you we will take you through the quotation process and aim to arrange the necessary cover required for your business. 


How much cover can I have under goods in transit insurance?

When we collect your details you will be asked to confirm the level of cover required.


Is it possible to cover more than one vehicle on the same policy?

Yes it is, in fact you may receive a large discount for more than one vehicle.


What about cover whilst in my vehicle overnight?

You will need to check the cover included in the insurance policy but most companies will cover you whilst on site 24 hours if your vehicle is locked in a garage or secure compound which has secure walls and/or fences and locked gates. 



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