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Utility Warehouse The Discount Club


"In a recent survey, 93% of customers said they would recommend the Utility Warehouse to a friend."


Who are the Utility Warehouse?


  • A Discount Club operated by Telecom Plus PLC
  • Telecom Plus was established in 1996, now listed on FTSE 250
  • British company, based in London, UK call centre
  • Over 500,000 customers


What is so special about this Discount Club?

They are the only genuine multi utility provider in the UK with whom you can SAVE.

S ingle supplier for all your utilities

A ward-winning customer service

V alue that’s unbeatable

E asy to switch


Why haven’t I heard of them?


  • They don’t advertise on TV or in the national press
  • They rely on word of mouth recommendation from existing customers, and authorised Independent Distributors like us
  • They share the money they save with their members, so they benefit from the best value in the UK
  • Over 500,000 satisfied customers have already discovered this unique Discount Club and all the membership benefits it provides


How about an independent opinion?


Which? is the UK’s leading independent consumer organisation.

This is what they have said about Utility Warehouse:


  • Utility Warehouse has been ranked one of the best Energy suppliers every year since 2008 - beating all of the ‘Big 6’!
  • These surveys include quality of products, customer service, value for money, and accuracy of bills


How much can I save?


  • Guaranteed savings on your gas and electricity compared to the average of the cheapest variable tariffs from the ‘Big 6’ suppliers – FOREVER
  • Utility Warehouse Home Phone service is cheaper than BT, Virgin, TalkTalk and Sky
  • Utility Warehouse Home Phone and Broadband are consistently recommended by Which?
  • And you won’t find a better value Mobile service from anyone else!


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