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Our Cleaning Liability Insurance is especially designed for the Cleaning Industry and provides you with covers that are not available as standard in normal package insurance for Tradesmen.

Although many Liability policies and Tradesmens Insurances have rating categories for cleaners and the cleaning industry these policies typically exclude any liability for damage to the item that you are cleaning. And so, with these policies, if you clean a carpet and it shrinks you will not be able to claim for that.

Under our Cleaning Liability Insurance you can choose to have claims like this covered by your policy preventing you from having to replace that item yourself but more than that the claims process should help you retain your customer as they will be safe in the knowledge that if things do go wrong you will still be there to help.

In addition to Public Liability, Products Liability, Employers Liability and Treatment Risk our policy can also be extended to cover:-

  • Fidelity of your Employees
  • Financial Loss
  • Lock and Key replacement
  • Misuse of Customer’s Telephones
  • Treatment Risk

You may not realise but most policies covering liability insurance for cleaners don't provide the covers we have mentioned above. If you are unsure if you have that cover give us a call and we will advise you.


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