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October 2013 saw the launch of our new motor insurance policy and its not available on any price comparison web site.
You can read about the policy launch here.
If you have already had a quote from us - all you need to do is click the ‘retrieve a quote’ tab on the menu bar below and login to your account to view your best quote prices.  
If you want a new quote - this will only take around 5 minutes using the form below and there are a few things you will need to hand.
The following information will help you speed up your quote:
Driving licence
If you have had any speeding tickets, points or disqualifications in the last 5 years you will need the details that are printed on your driving licence. We will also ask you what type of driving licence you have, and how long you have had it. 
No claims bonus
This could entitle you up to 65% discount on your car insurance. Generally the  maximum no-claims bonus is 5 years, but some companies offer extra discount for up to 8 years or more. This should be on your existing policy schedule. 
Details of the car
The registration number of the car you will be insuring is essential. You will also need to notify the insurer of any modifications that have been made to the car. 
Details of any other drivers
If you are thinking of adding another driver to your policy, you will need all the details of that driver including their date of birth, occupation and driving record.
Other things to consider:
  • Your annual mileage – The number of miles you drive can affect the price of your quote. 
  • Secure parking – If your car is in secure parking (like a garage or a car park) then this can also save you money. 

Payment – Have your card ready to save time. 



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