Business Motor Insurance

Business Motor Insurance embraces any motorised vehicle that is used in connection with your business. This ranges from Commercial Private Car Insurance and Commercial Vehicle Insurance to Tracked Vehicle Insurance and Contracts Plant Insurance – and in-between these classifications you find all manner of Vans, Trucks, Haulage, Delivery, Agricultural Tractors and Forestry vehicles.

Usually such vehicles are owned by the business but Directors or Employees vehicles that require business use can also usually be accommodated.

Typical solutions used for business motor insurance use these types of policy

     • Individual Private Car Insurance Policy with modified business use
     • Individual Business Car Insurance Policy with relevant business use
     • Individual Commercial Vehicle Policy with relevant business use
     • A Multi-Vehicles Policy designed for specific trades
     • A Mixed-Vehicle ‘book & bonus’ Policy with at least 1 Car & 1 Van
     • A Min-Fleet policy for a mixture of 5 to 12 vehicles
     • A Fleet Policy for 10 or more vehicles or 5 or more Trucks

Sometimes it’s hard to choose which is the right approach. Individual vehicle policies would be best where all the vehicle are claim free for 5 years and all the drivers are mature, but in the real world this is unlikely and for a large number of vehicles an administrational nightmare. Fleet cover would favour a stable mix of vehicles with a relatively low incidence of claims but a range of drivers.

As part of our service we will manage one policy or a number of policies to suit your particular business activity and you will always deal with someone who understands your business.


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