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 Key Insurance Group Ltd are independent Insurance Brokers based in the North West of England.

We specialise in providing clients with a personalised insurance solution - advising upon, arranging and administering insurance policies on behalf of our Business and Personal clients.

Whether a Business Insurance client or a Personal Insurance client you can buy from us with confidence, safe in the knowledge that;

          • Your best interests will be our priority. 
          • We guarantee our independence from Insurers
          • Your confidentiality will be preserved. 
          • You will be given independent advice and guidance on your insurance needs.
          • We will provide you with an efficient and professional service.
          • We will assist you to obtain prompt and fair settlement of any valid insurance claim. 
          • We are committed to the Financial Services Authority’s Treating Customers Fairly principle

Our business has been built around these 6 core values:-

  • Value for Money. Everybody knows that the price is what you pay for something and value is what you actually get for that price. We always strive to give you the best value for money that we can and because everyone is different we balance your cost verses your cover to help achieve this.
  • Easy to Deal With. We are here for you and we use every method of communication that we can. We appreciate that you need to be communicated with in whatever way you are most comfortable and we do that – for you. Face to face, phone, email, letter – what ever it takes. We are clear and not misleading in every thing we do and we don’t use ‘jargon’.
  • We look after our People and our Customers. We strive to get the best out of our People by providing a good atmosphere to work in. We coach and train to make them the best they can be. We always hold our Customers needs above any other consideration and hope to provide timely and sensible advice that you can rely on. In effect we care.
  • Consistent Strategy. We know where we are going and will know when get there. We are transparent and will always provide the same reasoned advice appropriate to the circumstances. You will always know where you are with us and you can trust us not only to advise but to represent your interests at all times.
  • Understanding You. We take understanding you and your business very seriously for without knowing what you really do and where you are likely to do it it’s hard for us advise on the risks to your business. When we work for you we consider what you have asked for but also objectively take into account what, from our experience, we know you need. This forms a part of our Business and Insurance Risk Assessment.
  • There for You. Because life is constantly changing we know we need to react quickly and efficiently not only to those planned changes but also those unexpected ones. We will clearly answer your questions and are always ready to react, responding to any given situation.


As a constant reminder to all of these core values we have simplified each of these into 6 key words that for us clearly represent these values.


Value ♦ Ease ♦ Care ♦ Trustworthy ♦ Objective ♦ Responsive

And in turn these key words make up our acronym – Vector – which simply summarises what we stand for.


A definition of Vector is ‘any behavioural influence, force or drive’.
Internally our culture influences the development of our people.
Externally we hope to help you build a more robust business.


These values are really important to us and if you think that we have failed to live up to any of these values please tell us.

You can email our Chairman – Clive Turner –


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